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Do We Need Motivation? [Preventing Disease]

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Great Morning Team,

One of the biggest things I hear from people on a weekly basis is that they lack motivation. They know that they should be more active and eat healthier; ultimately, they are unhappy with their current health state but simply lack the drive to get up early, stay up late, to workout, to prep the meals, to take the supplements, etc, etc.

I sometimes ask myself this…

Is the term "motivation" the appropriate word to use in this scenario?

Throughout every day, we lack "motivation" to do essential things in life that we MUST do to maintain our current status in life. The last time I checked, it isn't fun and nobody is "motivated" to wash the dishes, drive the kids to school, give their dogs a bath, fold laundry, run to the bank, go grocery shopping, balance your finances, etc. But, we HAVE to do these things in order to maintain an orderly and sufficient lifestyle.

Why don't we treat exercising and eating healthy the same way?!?!

Stop and think about that for a moment, I'll wait…

With the latest research that I could find, in 2015, over 56.4 million individuals died worldwide. The alarming research shows that the top 10 leading causes of these deaths come from preventable conditions such as heart disease, stroke, low respiratory infections and other diseases. Yet, in today's society, the majority decide to visit a doctor once things get too far gone and then start spending excessive amounts of money on medications. Said medications eventually lead to a domino effect in which, they cause side effects, thus causing your physician to prescribe to you another medication. Ultimately, leading to physicians and the pharmaceutical company's making bank while we get sick and grieve over lost loved ones.

"Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life."

If you ask me, that is all the motivation that I need to be able to knock out a 30 minute workout everyday and eat a few more fruits and veggies instead of processed/artificial meals. What do you think?

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God Bless,


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