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Going After What You Want

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Great Monday everyone!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and that you are ready to dominate this week!

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been blessed with new opportunities that I didn't think would ever be happening. If you would've asked me a few months earlier that I would be in the position that I am currently, I probably wouldn't have believed you. Nevertheless, I wanted to send you off to your work week with something to think about before we automatically dive into our negative Monday mindsets.

All too often, I'm constantly hearing people downplay their own potential. The majority of each of our respected successes come from how mentally stable we truly are. Meaning, how do we handle stress when it eventually develops? Do we see our peers reaching new levels of success then we subconsciously do the comparison game or find someway to put down their achievements; such as, "they only got there because...(insert low self-esteem response)."

When I'm engaged in serious conversations with individuals, most of the time, I try to ask each of them what their daily habits are and what they are doing on a continuous basis to improve their current situation and to accomplish their goals. Most of the time, the answer is the same, if not completely similar to this statement; "I'm different Taylor, my schedule/time/money/life isn't where I need it to be so I'm just waiting until things get better."

That's the problem right there! Did you catch it? Our society has developed the habit of simply waiting around until our situations get easier. We wait until next month to do something of significance when our property taxes aren't due. We hate our jobs yet we are waiting to fill out applications to other places. We wait to workout and eat healthier once our schedules slow down. is not stable and will never be stable. We develop these images in our minds from the Hallmark movies we watch and think after a few obstacles, life will just be magical afterwards. This world is constantly throwing curve balls your way and it is up to YOU to get out of the situation you are in by choosing to do continuous positive movements every day.

A Pastor once told me this..."You are either going into a crisis, you're currently in a crisis or just getting out of a crisis." I know this isn't the most motivating thing you've ever heard me say but that quote has always stuck with me because when you ponder it, it is absolutely true!

Stop waiting. Start moving. You don't have to make perfect movements every day but as long as you are doing something, even the smallest step forward, those small steps add up over time and eventually you will look back and say, "damn, I'm happy I didn't just sit around." Perfect schedules, perfect income, perfect timing simply does not exist. I know this is probably hitting you in your gut right now but flip that mindset into something of positivity. Look at this reading as your wake up call to take action NOW! Get off of Facebook, turn off the Youtube videos and read a book on growing your business or bringing in more income. The tools are out there, you just have to find them and use them.

Wake up every morning with the intention that you will go to sleep tonight in a better position than where you were at this moment. I promise that your situation may not be perfect, but it will become better. But it is up to YOU on how you handle every single day. Do you view the day as an obstacle or do you look at it as an opportunity to grow. This day is a gift, you will never get back this time again so use it wisely. Make the most out of every moment.

As always....

God Bless,


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