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Leave a legacy that future generations can be proud of.

Hey, I'm Taylor! Some know me as "Coach Taz" the Nutrition Coach. Some know me as a former Professional Wrestler. Some simply know me as a vision seeker, basketball coach, Christ lover and family man.

Before all of this, I STRUGGLED HARD with a heavy addiction for partying and every temptation that came along with it. All I knew was that I wasn't happy with my life and where it was headed. 

ENTER: A New Healthy Lifestyle.

During the economic downturn between 2008-2010, I lost my job as a Graphic Designer while simultaneously being told by my doctor that I was incredibly out of shape during my yearly sports physical. This was the wake up call I needed to finally hire my own Personal Trainer and begin a new nutrition plan that would help me lose weight.

These days?!

I've been able to lose almost 70 lbs, compete in several body composition & fitness contests, receive certificates in Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching while helping others do the same things I've been able to do through my free consultations, blog posts, and business seminars.

Starting my own coaching business meant a few things to me:

  • To eventually quit my 9-5 job & feel like I was waking up with a purpose!

  • Pay off student loan debts.

  • Help others achieve long-lasting health goals without scamming them with "get thin quick" products.

  • Being able to retire my wife (even though she plans on becoming our full-time content manager lol).

  • To be able to hire other coaches & trainers and be able to provide them with a fun, stable, and supportive work environment.

  • Be able to educate our communities on fact & science based nutrition education.

I haven't checked off every item on my list yet but in the last 9 years, I believe we've been able to accomplish a heck of a lot. It has become my life's mission to use my God-given abilities to teach other aspiring athletes that you don't have to have the perfect past or circumstances to achieve an amazing life filled with energy, strength and success!

If you...

  • Find yourself struggling to look at yourself in a mirror

  • Struggle to find intimacy with your spouse because of low libido

  • Have gained back previously lost weight or have hit a plateau

  • Want to finally fit into that bikini or smaller pant size

  • Are chronically tired and can't keep up with your kids

  • Have tried every diet known to man and still can't lose weight

Then it's time to take action!

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Ready to go ALL IN?!

Our hands-on Nutrition Coaching & Online Training platform was designed to specifically help parents get to the core of their results! If you've ever asked yourself "WHY I'm feeling like this" or "WHAT do I have to do to get out of this funk," then we hope that you allow us to help you! Email us today and learn more about how Taz Fitness can help you feel good, look good and perform well!




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