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"I was highly satisfied with the services that I received. I would highly recommend Taz Fitness!"

Jennifer A.

"Knowing Taylor for going on 5 years now. One thing has always impressed me. That is how he goes about his daily life and how he continues to be motivational, helping others strive to be their best. One of the most inspirational and driven fitness instructors you will ever meet.

Eric L.

"Taylor is an honest, hard working trainer who only has your needs and satisfaction in mind. Would use his trainer services more if I could. Recommend highly!

Paul T.

"Very personable and outgoing! Knowledgeable of his craft!

Dion N.

"Overall great coach, motivator and friend! Super ExCiTeD!!

Adrienne M.

"Taz is very knowledgeable and strives to help you any way that he can. His lessons will stick with me for years to come."

Tim M.

"I trained with Coach Taz for about six months.  He worked me hard but it was always a pleasure to come in and see him.  My goals were to supplement my running with some strength training and I was constantly improving and meeting my goals.  He had a nice way of pushing me to do more and to get more out of me.  I would recommend Taz and highly suggest talking about movies to distract yourself from the workout.  I only stopped working out with Taz because he betrayed me and left to have a baby! (LOL)"

Scott J.

"Training with Taylor has been a heck of an experience. I have grown much more confidence than ever before and have been feeling like a weight is lifted off my shoulders after every workout. He is extremely understandable with the schedule and pushes me with such positivity to keep myself on track physically and mentally."

Jared H

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