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Friday Motivation

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Happy Friday everyone! We made it another week :)

One thing I have noticed since beginning my weight loss journey originally in 2010-11 was the amount of gimmicky fitness plans there were (and still are) on the market. All trying to convince us to spend our hard earned dollars because their program guarantees results like no other competitor. When I originally started to learn how to lose weight when I topped over 200 lbs, I did everything from Insanity, to P90X, to Bootcamps, Running classes etc. then I learned something rather quickly…

It's not that any of these products or programs are bad and useless. Many products serve a positive purpose (some a pretty dangerous to our nervous systems but that's a topic for another day) but we have to look back on what WE are doing in our consistent actions day to day. What we are doing; from what we are eating to maintaining a positive mindset and getting the appropriate amount of sleep all has a direct impact towards our results and achieving long term goals. As a Personal Trainer, I can only do so much when I'm with you for those few hours every week. You have to put in the work once I'm gone; staying hydrated, eating well, sleeping long hours, doing extra workouts, writing down goals, staying stress free, etc.

The point I'm trying to make is this…nothing works unless you do!

As a society, I truly believe the vast majority of us have forgotten our ancestors and the amazing drive and working mindset they carried with them. To make sure things were done correctly THE FIRST TIME. Just so, we don't get frustrated and have to do things over again and waste more time. We were meant to work and work hard! There is a reason why we experience this amazing rush of endorphins every time we collapse after a hard days work of accomplishing many things on our "to-do" lists.

So, just because today is Friday doesn't mean it is time to slack off. Let's grind things out and sprint towards the finish line. Complete that workout, put back that cheat meal, finish those items you have on your to-do lists and lets truly deserve the relaxation we may get to experience on the weekends. If you skip out on the things you know have to get done or try to take shortcuts-trust me from personal experience-you only cheat yourself out of the positive results and eventually, always causes greater amounts of stress later on.

Time to get to work!

God Bless,

Coach Taz :)

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