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Nutrition FAQ - CompTrain

Great morning and happy hump day!

When it comes to providing health and fitness based content out there for our community, I am extremely careful on the content I endorse and/or support. In a world where everyone has a PHD in Wellness Facts Using Google with a Bachelor's degree in Entitlement, it is very difficult to get the straight up facts when it comes to questions related to the world of wellness. Even from within our own Universities, where we pay a lot of money to become "experts" in our own respected fields; due to budget cuts and a lack of overall revenue each school year, most of the content within our textbooks and other learning materials are incredibly outdated and don't support the most accurate material. Who do you believe and how do you obtain accurate information regarding topics of interest?

Well, Ben Bergeron-who trains some of the world's top athletes, says it best...find someone you trust and read as much as possible! Test different theories, do the research and discover conclusions with data that has been gathered over several months and years. Ben Bergeron is one in just a handful (mainly 2) of Wellness industry experts that I follow on a consistent basis whether that be for fitness guidance, nutrition advice or improving my mindset overall. He would probably flinch with me deciding to use the term "expert" in any way with his name as I'm sure he would always consider himself a student first, respectively. Ben is a former Ironman Triathlete turned former Crossfit Games competitor. Ben has coached athletes to six world championships and is a best selling author of "Chasing Excellence." To learn more about him, click here.

Provided for you below is a recently released podcast with Ben answering some of the world's most gripping nutrition questions. Everything from how much water someone should drink, to whether red meat is really bad for you or not plus much more. The value in this podcast was so high, I just had to share it. Please take time out of your day, whether on your lunch break or driving in your vehicle, use this to your advantage so you can determine the plan that is best for you! Always remember, Wellness routines should always be INDIVIDUALIZED! In a world filled with content being produced every microsecond, from industry leaders AND industry posers, it can be extremely difficult to get the facts. This is a fantastic place to start! Enjoy ;)

God Bless,


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