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Recognizing Small Successes

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Happy days everybody! I’m incredible sorry for not posting more frequently like I use to but I’ve been hard at work in the community, trying to put more focus on helping those living around me. There has been a lot of impact being made and I couldn’t be happier!

As for what I would like to discuss today, the topic of recognizing small successes; came about like most of my material, by speaking with clients and members within my community. I’ve been given the blessing of being able to help a mother/daughter duo to achieve their respected weight loss goals and we were discussing motivation just to get started and do a workout, even a simple one.

Then I gave the suggestion on what helps many keep going to do more and more workouts and become consistent with their activity. That was by immediately focusing on the small successes! Once someone notices a small goal being achieved in their journey, the percentage of success goes way up and that’s because of the small self-esteem and confidence boost it gives to that person.

In the beginning of a weight loss journey or a health/fitness journey in general, it is incredibly intimidating because most of the time, individuals are changing their habits, doing what they aren’t use to, aren’t comfortable with and totally doing something that is out of the norm for them. Naturally, there will be resistance early on. So, it is up to the coach, trainer or individual to stay on track by constantly providing new successes to celebrate. Something that physically shows them that they are moving forward, in the positive direction.

Small successes may be, but not limited to...

  • Energy Increase

  • Less Need For Naps

  • Better Focus & Productivity at Work

  • Clothes Fitting Better

  • Better Quality of Sleep

  • Acne & Skin Improvement

  • Increasing Weight/Reps/Sets on Exercises

  • Improving Jog/Run Time

  • Many More! Think!!!!

It has been shown that recognizing small successes and journaling them frequently increases chances of achieving long term or more challenging goals because of the consistent “1 step forward daily” approach. At the end of every day, many individuals love to reflect on that day and write something positive that moved them forward and made them better and closer towards achieving their goal. Get creative, after a few days you might discover difficulty in writing something new but I GUARANTEE that something positive happened that day if you made a conscious effort (even during the most difficult of days.)

Even by only pursuing your new health or fitness goals after one week, there will ALWAYS be something to celebrate so challenge that mind of yours and start developing healthier and more positive habits TODAY! Never underestimate yourself and the power your possess. You can achieve your goals, maybe not overnight but with time and consistent positive action. Then, once you achieve your goal(s), the greatest reward that I’ve noticed is not necessarily the physical stuff I gained like bigger biceps or a thinner waistline...but the greatest reward became the person I mentally and emotionally became overtime with a new positive, hardworking, more confident and optimistic outlook on life.

The change isn’t always physical. Remember that...God Bless :)

Coach Taz

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