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Beginner's Wellness Tips


I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving break. How easily can we fall into the trap of lacking motivation after going back to work from several days off, it's pretty freaking easy! So, I wanted to bring to you (and make public) an older newsletter of mine that was sent out to the subscribers of our Health & Fitness newsletter that can hopefully help some of us get back on track. Before we know it, the new year will be here and 2017 will be over. So let's not waste anymore time! Get up and let's start striving for movements that lead us forward!

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One question that I'm constantly being asked is what EXACTLY did I do in the beginning of health journey. What did I do to stay on track with my goals and develop healthier habits? What is something that everyone and anyone could do TODAY to start making a difference for themselves?! Below, I have listed some potential bullet points of things we can start doing RIGHT NOW to feel better...

  • Set an alarm on your phone to remind you of when it's the appropriate time for you to go to bed. Getting 7-8 hours of sleep is crucial for mental and physical wellness! Stop listening to the motivational speakers and business gurus and don't beat yourself up when you need that extra hour of sleep on Saturday morning. We all need time to recover from workouts and life stresses and sleeping is the cure.

  • First thing in the morning, rehydrate yourself! After 7-8 hours of sleep, our bodies naturally dehydrate from breathing and body temperatures rising while in deep sleep periods. About 8 oz to start every morning before you drink your coffee or eat your breakfast then increase amounts from there once you get use to taking in more and more water. This will help improve gut health and raise energy levels as well. Bonus points go to those that put a freshly squeezed lemon inside of their water! This helps with detoxing, clears skin up and boosts your immune system with old reliable-Vitamin C!

  • Find 30 mins to 1 hour a day for a relaxation period. I know with our busy work schedules, this might seem difficult BUT you would be surprised if you analyzed your minutes and how you use them throughout the day, how much spare time we actually have! How often do you stop working on company time and check your Facebook, Snapchats, Instagrams, Emails, Texts, etc.? The minutes add up! Our stress and hormones levels have a direct impact on our weight management so finding time to mentally regroup; whether that be walking away from our desks and planting some positive thoughts into our minds, praying, taking a nap, etc. The goal is just to clear your mind for a while! It does not mean to walk away from your work and then proceed to think about other things you have going on at the moment or playing on your mobile devices. Treat yourself to some quiet time :)

  • Change who you surround yourself with! This was the most difficult part of transforming my life in 2011. You become the average of the top 5 individuals you surround yourself with so choose wisely! I lost a lot of "friends" when I decided to stop partying, cut out junk food, start up my own business and become an entrepreneur but I gained a lot more back for simply building relationships with individuals that were like-minded and on similar missions as I was. Whether your goal is to improve your health, grow your side business, develop a lifelong relationship, it is crucial that you surround yourself with people that support you, won't judge you, help you in a crisis and won't pressure you or put you down for being different.

  • Eat fruit and veggies....DUH! I promise that you'll feel better ;)

Alright guys, I hope you enjoyed this newsletter. If you learned something new or find it of value, please be kind and share with your friends and followers so we can reach more people. The goal has always remained the same, to help as many people as we realistically can by passing on fact based & unbiased material. No gimmick selling, just pure wellness facts. As always...

God Bless,


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