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Avoiding Self-Sabotage

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With life being as challenging as it is, sticking to a wellness protocol can be very difficult. I wanted to send this as a reminder that living well is a marathon, not a sprint.

Not everyday will go according to your plan. But so many throw away everything they’ve done if something doesn’t go exactly right. Either they have to stay late at work and miss their training that night or they may run through a busy week and can’t find time to meal prep. So, people go on benders eating like crap and skip several workouts. This is where having a well developed mindset is key.

With the Crossfit Open just a little over a month away (a 5 week competition for Crossfit athletes to test where they athletically rank in the world), I’ve been personally ramping up my metabolic conditioning, getting ready for some intense workouts ahead.

With that being said, this weekend was a rough one with our daughter. She’s beginning her 6 month sleep regression and starting to wake up several times every night. With sleeping being a huge part of physical performance, I understand that my training will probably suffer because of my lack of sleep. But, I can’t beat myself up over it and quit all together. I have to do what I can, when I can and that will always move the needle forward as opposed to quitting and not doing anything at all.

I encourage you to list out 5 things you are grateful for this morning and reflect on the good things you’ve done the first two weeks of the new year. This will insure a positive mindset moving forward, and begin to do away with stress and anxiety.

Always remember, you don’t have to jump the whole staircase to get to the next floor. It always begins with one small step forward. Linked below is a short video that I highly recommend listening to if you are an individual that are starting on a wellness plan this year.

Have a fantastic week,


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