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Morning Routines & Success

good morning coffee

Great morning team! It is currently 8am on a cold and beautiful Friday morning and I couldn't enjoy it more. This past week, I've been trying to get back into a more strict & positive morning routine after slipping for a few weeks. Oh how quickly life can throw a curveball at your face and cause you to test your agility!

Why are positive morning routines important? Because they set the tone for the day ahead!

How is your mental state after you wake up? Are you staying positive or giving your energy away towards complaining about the job you have to go to aka the job you GET to go to. In this life, we don't HAVE to do anything but are blessed thoroughly by GETTING to do things that provide for ourselves and for others.

Are you starting your day with a full and nutritious breakfast to fuel your body and mind for the day ahead? The food and beverages we drink first thing in the morning (or don't consume for the skippers out there) have a direct relationship with our productivity throughout the day so if you are slow to get started, groggy by noon, having a lack of focus and constantly running to the vending machine for more caffeine and sugar snacks, that might be the problem.

How are you feeding your mind first thing in the morning? Do you immediately turn on the news or check your cell phone for texts or social media notifications? If so, once you get a little coffee in you, why not flip open a book or listen to an uplifting podcast to start your day in the right direction? With so many research studies coming out recently showing the effects that cells phones causing addictions to ourselves and news causing depression and anxiety levels to rise; every morning, I'm TRYING (I'm not always successful) to develop the habit of waiting at least one hour until I check my phone or turn on the TV. People tend to forget but a short 30 years ago, we didn't have these luxuries and we went on just fine and survived. Those Facebook notifications can wait, and yes, that goes for you too business owners. *Let that sink in*

Strange things started to happen once I started fueling my body and mind with these positive and healthy mood started to improve. I realized that I was less grumpy, I was able to control my tongue better without getting too emotionally bent out of shape when life threw me a curveball and I was overall happier with my day to day activities and productivity with my work and home life.

It's time to reevaluate the way we start our day. It is quite possible that we are sabotaging our own success every day and don't even realize it. Once again, this is probably not something that many of you WANT to hear but from time to time, we must reevaluate ourselves to make sure that we are on track towards achieving the results that we want to achieve...a healthier and happier life! In the end, you have to develop the day to day habits that are best for YOU. Just because someone writes in a gratitude journal every morning doesn't mean that that will stimulate you, maybe simply drinking coffee and listening to a positive podcast will. This is something you must figure out and if you are struggling, never hesitate to reach out to me! Have a great weekend!

God Bless,


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