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3 Valuable Health Tips Busy Dads Need to Know

health tips for busy dads

When it comes to the world of Health and Wellness, everyone believes that they are a guru. It comes with the technological era that we find ourselves in. If someone has a question about basically anything, one quick Bing or Google search will reveal an answer. You noticed that I said "an" answer, not "the" answer.

That is why it is so important to find an experienced Nutrition/Health Coach, whether local or online, someone that you trust to help guide you through the B.S. You might be pleasantly surprised by the three tips listed but after experiencing this first hand, as a busy father, these are three health tips that busy dads need to hear and understand, especially if they are trying to achieve any type of aesthetic, performance or longevity goal. 1. Cleansing Your Brain Weekly

I mean this in the sense of taking time for you specifically. For moms, it’s “pampering” time with the girls. The majority of us were instilled with the thought process to work work work work work and provide selflessly. It’s very noble but we need a few hours each week to de-stress with friends and just cleanse our minds of our responsibilities. As men, we enjoy carrying the world on our shoulders. But the truth is, stress is a real problem when you are trying to achieve a particular body composition goal. When we face stressors, our stress hormone known as cortisol (our flight or fight hormone) is released. If we are continuously releasing cortisol to the point where our bodies get depleted and cannot release anymore, this brings upon the frequently seen HPA Axis Dysfunction, also known as Adrenal Fatigue. Common signs of this would be chronic fatigue, infertility, weak immune system, weight management concerns, memory loss and more. So, take some time for yourself. Your family will thank you for doing so! 2. Eating Healthy

Seriously, the amount of men that I run into and they are hustling their butts off for their families all the while eating fast food and drinking beer every night. There is enough evidence out there that I don’t have to go into a science lesson just to stress the importance of fueling ourselves properly so we can perform each day with the highest potential. Simply put, fuel your vehicle with cheap gas, the vehicle will perform cheaply on the road. Our bodies are the same way!

It's also important to note to remain in control of your daily nutritional decisions. As a busy dad myself, I can get wrapped up into things and grab food from whatever is convenient for me. The trap is telling yourself that this item is "healthy enough" or "decent for what's around here." This is a dangerous habit to form since one bad meal won't destroy body composition but several bad meals overtime will. And if we are as busy as we say we are, the chances are that we aren't nearly as active as we need to be to burn off those calories. Meal prep as frequently as possible and if you are afraid of looking like a dork with your brown paper lunch...

1. Stop caring what others think about you.

2. Spend the $10 and get a nice looking lunch box at Walmart. 3. Get Regular Blood Work & Checkups Performed

Don’t be egotistical in thinking you are bulletproof! Your families are depending on you to be with them for many years to come and unfortunately, many get taken every year way too early by preventable diseases. Heart disease and cancer are still the highest causes of death in the world and for many individuals, this can be prevented by proper nutritional protocols being established. Get a check up and see if there are any deficiencies that you can improve before it’s too late.

Remember, before going out and throwing your wallet at a bunch of supplements, it's important to get the results from the various tests to see factual evidence on what you may be deficient in. It never fails, everytime I go into a supplement store, I see individuals buying loads of junk in the hopes it will help with their overall health and when I ask them how long it's been since their last blood work done, they all say it's been years! Everything starts with what you eat! On the wellness pyramid, supplements and meal timing are very last on the list of priorities. Being a busy, yet healthy dad isn't impossible. It just requires the proper time management and education. At Taz Fitness, we take your personal goals and overall wellness extremely seriously. If you are curious to learn more about why we've been so effective for over 10 years, contact us today.

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"Coach Taz" aka Taylor Rodriguez is owner and head coach of Taz Fitness & Nutrition. He is a Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach located in Deltona, FL that coaches individuals online and in person. Taylor was a former partying pro wrestler turned fitness enthusiast after the economic downturn of 2008-2010. After losing almost 70 lbs, his new passion is to help struggling individuals find a new confidence within themselves to achieve any goal that they see possible. To begin coaching with Taylor or to request a free consultation, contact us today.

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