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3 Tips To Improve Your Personal Training Business

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With there being so many personal trainers and "health coaches" walking around nowadays, it is easy to get lost in the shuffle. Take it from someone that has almost 10 years of training experience and has made his fair share of mistakes. But, it is possible to stand out and honestly develop a business based on integrity and helping to improve people's overall wellness. It really isn't complicated but people tend to make it as such with there being so many internet self help "gurus" out there that say there is some secret formula for success. Well, lets scratch all of that and save you some money. So, how can you stand out? Here are 3 tips to developing a thriving personal training business...

1. Honestly CARE about your clients.

- Follow up, follow up, follow up. I've worked in so many fitness facilities where I would just watch other trainers instruct their clients 1-3 x's per week, then never speak to them again until it's time for their next session. Then, months would go by and the client honestly doesn't look any different! The physical exercise is just a small part in improving someone's overall wellness. To improve someone's health, you first must get inside their heads and help to improve their mental health. This begins by communication, setting realistic expectations and developing a transparent relationship. If an individual honestly doesn't TRUST in you and BELIEVE that they can reach their results, they will go little to nowhere. It is your job to get inside their brain and help develop a more stable and positive mindset.

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2. Charge people based on your VALUE!

- Coming from someone that has coached free bootcamps, gave away free health evaluations and charged $5 to attend training classes...THERE IS ZERO VALUE IN BEING CHEAP!!! I did this often where I would try to mentally convince myself that I was doing a great service for my community by "giving back" and helping individuals in lower income areas to get healthier. The problem with this ideology was that most never see the true value of what they are getting. Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching should be "expensive!" You are helping to improve someone's life and most of the time, individuals improve a lot more mentally and emotionally than they do physically. This can lead to extraordinary growth in all areas of life, not just physical health. Don't feel guilty and never apologize for charging your value. When you go get your next tattoo, I dare you to ask for the cheapest artist. Just don't complain when the work done looks like crap!

3. Grow your education or outsource your prospects.

- As a Wellness Professional, you will feel the urge to have the need to give the impression that you know EVERYTHING about the health and fitness industry. It is okay to say to a client or follower, "I don't know." Be humble and outsource when someone asks something outside of your niche. Not only will this build trust among your followers but this will give the client the true help they deserve. Just because you are a personal trainer doesn't mean you have the right to give out nutrition protocols and vice versa. The wellness industry is truly complex and new research is coming out almost daily on various exercise, nutrition and wellness topics. Find what makes you passionate and excel in it by developing your education around that. There is nothing wrong with taking educational courses on other areas of wellness, just don't give out advice before you truly are experienced in this area.

You would be surprised by just how many wellness trainers and coaches are not following these simple tips. Being successful at what you do doesn't have to be difficult. It will require hard work but the problem where most fail is they either overthink the slow development of their brand or they try to do too much too soon. If you follow these 3 tips on how to improve your personal training business, there are no doubts in my mind that you will be successful. And as always, if you need help with anything, never hesitate to reach out to me!

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