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Why it's important to stay in your lane!

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With technology developing and expanding at the rate that it is, it's easier than ever to get your hands and eyes on any type of information you want. Want to learn how to install a car part, Youtube has it. Want to learn how to train your newborn to sleep through the night, there is an Ebook on it. Want to learn what medical condition you might be suffering from, WebMD has a suggestion.

If there was anything I would call the current generation growing up, it would be called the information generation. I know, not the most clever name but it was the first one I thought of, give me a break! This obviously has it's benefits; I personally love doing repair work to my own vehicles and Youtube has saved me a lot of money in the process! But, these technological advantages have indeed caused an elevation in misuses.

One of the biggest misuses I've seen is everyone tries to be everything for everyone!

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What do I mean by that? Being in the wellness industry for over 10 years now, one of the many cardinal sins I see frequently is; whether you're a personal trainer, nutritionist, doctor, health coach, massage therapist or even weight loss sales distributor, these individuals will give out "professional" advice in areas that they may have received little to no education in.

Example A: the family doctor in your neighborhood that has gone through years of medical schooling (that rarely offers more than 1 nutrition educational course) give out detailed meal plans to individuals once they have been diagnosed with a particular condition instead of outsourcing to a more experienced and certified nutrition coach or registered dietician. This happens frequently with personal trainers as well.

Example B: the sales distributor or insta-famous person that wants to give out workout routines and various training programs without going through the proper certification courses but believes they can give out this advice since they achieved some sort of positive health result.

This has to come to an end. The sad part is, this doesn't just apply to the wellness industry. As a full time graphic designer, I see it all the time where layout designers try to build websites for clients and web designers try to design artwork for a client. Everyone has their own particular skill and I urge you to stay within your "niche."

The most professional leaders in the world all have one thing in common...they outsource! It is okay to show a client or patient that you don't know everything. Most of the time, I've seen prospects gain a great amount of trust and respect for that said professional since they are upfront and honest with them. WHEN YOU TRY TO KNOW EVERYTHING, YOU END UP KNOWING NOTHING!

As a business owner for multiple years, it takes a great amount of stress off of YOU when all you have to focus on is one particular field or "niche." If you have lost a lot of weight and have gained a big following on Instagram, then continue sharing your story and motivating people but don't give out advice that appears as absolute or fact UNLESS you are willing to take the proper educational courses so you can back up what you say. And no, podcasts and youtube videos DO NOT count as educational courses.

Same thing goes for everyone else, no matter what field you are in. If you are a trainer, then TRAIN. If you are a nutrition coach, then give out nutrition advice. If you have a background in rehabilitation, then help people recover. But, STAY IN YOUR LANE!!! I promise you, more people will be positively impacted. Your business will grow because of it since you've developed a trustworthy reputation. You will be less stressed by not trying to keep up with everything and less people will be hurt because of it.

I truly hope you will consider what I've said. There is nothing wrong about trying to expand your knowledge within a particular field, as long as you feel like you have something of value to add to that industry and as long as you go through the proper channels to become a real expert in it. As always, leave your thoughts in the comments below and please share on your facebook so we can help impact more people!

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