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A Message To Our Competition

group fitness class

Dear Competing Fitness Facilities,

Yes, we see you. We see you over there with your low low prices and your buns of steel bootcamp classes. We see you with your oh so sleek body fat analysis machine and custom painted smith machines. We see you drawing in new families into your facilities that are seeking to get healthier while spending as little as possible.

We honestly are impressed.

We might not have a fancy building and flashy equipment. We for sure won't be carrying the debt either that comes with that! But still, we get your beautifully designed postcards and recognize you put a lot of effort into your marketing strategies.

They do indeed work to draw people into your facilities, and we are happy for you...really!

However, competing fitness facilities, we want you to know: we don't hold any animosity towards you. We love your gym. In fact, some of us still use them regularly!

We are excited to have another health nut in our area that honestly wants to help people get healthier. We love talking fitness and we love talking about it with you. To be honest, it's fun to have someone to compete against so it drives us to stay fresh and relevant.

But, there is another reason why we don't hold any animosity towards you. What's that reason? The reason is that we are different!

We see you making all that money and we are happy for you, fitness facilities are suppose to make money so they provide a place people can go to be active and improve their health. But, comparing you to us is like comparing an apple to an orange.

For us, we are more than just a nutrition and fitness company: we are a relationship building company. The love for what we do doesn't stop at a set of exercises. Neither does it stop at our personalized coaching (even though, we are biased in saying it's phenomenal coaching.)

Our heart is to build a family. That's our goal and yes, that makes us incredibly different.

Our focus is never on trying to get "x" amount of individuals through the door daily just to turn a profit. If that's yours, it's okay, we hope you reach your goal. But our goal is to get to know our members. Get to know their families. Watch them be transformed by health and fitness, then to see them lead by example by demonstrating a hardworking and health driven mindset to others. The goal is to leave this world better than how we found it.

What else can we say besides, we are just different. So, competing fitness facilities, we ask you not to be shy. Give us a call and check us out. Maybe we could learn something from each other. But just know, we care about you and hope you succeed.

Welcome to the neighborhood.


Your Healthy Pals



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