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5 Personal Development Strategies

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With this world constantly changing and asking more out of everyone, we are in need of personal and professional growth. Especially if we ever expect to achieve our life goals. Whether your goal has to do with your health, career, finances, relationships or spirituality, goals cannot be accomplished without personal development and growth in at least one of these categories. If you honestly believe you will become rich one day because you deserve it or you fantasize really hard on it, you are gravely mistaken. Something will have to change. Namely, YOU! Here are 5 personal development strategies to help you achieve your goals...

1. Reading

If you are not purposely reading books based on the areas you want to improve in, then this is step one. Even if you aren't a strong reader, with the development of podcasts and audiobooks, there really isn't any excuse as to why you aren't reading at least one new book every few months. Seriously, why not learn strategies from individuals that have been in your shoes and found a way to overcome their obstacles. This is absolutely a no-brainer.

2. Writing

If reading is 1, writing has to be 1B. After getting all of the golden nuggets inside of books, how do you expect to absorb and memorize the new tips? It will take constant repetition to truly memorize the various tips you receive so writing down the 2-3 biggest tips you got out of each chapter in a notepad or journal is key.

3. Personal Time

As I've stated in previous blogs, work-life balance is extremely important. Whether it's through prayer, Bible studying, meditation, listening to music, going for walks, etc. You need YOU time, without any distractions! Sorry, no cell phones allowed during this time. It could be 5 mins or 30 mins, the amount of time isn't nearly as important as taking a consistent period of time for mental clarity. This will help keep you from burning out and getting distracted by the "cobwebs" in your mind that come about when you are overstressed and under recovered.

4. Staying Mentally Present

If you aren't familiar with the term, "cobwebs," that is a term I've coined when I'm simply overworked and the inevitable mental burnout that comes from it. The simplest tasks will seem extremely difficult and you'll be overwhelmed by a feeling that you can't catch up on anything. When I start to feel overwhelmed by the cobwebs, it's important to stop and realize the TRUTH about your situation. The truth may be, you are moving forward, you are getting stuff accomplished regardless of speed. The truth is, you can only stress about the things inside your control so worrying about if you'll get that promotion or raise isn't going to do anything to move you forward. Instead, focus on improving your value and presenting a good image in front of your coworkers so it SHOWS that you deserve a raise or promotion.

5. Community

The amount of individuals I come across with prideful mindsets is astonishing! Then these people wonder why they are slow in accomplishing their goals. The hardest step in improving your situation is admitting to yourself (then others) that you need help. People hate admitting that they can't accomplish something by themselves. It makes them feel inferior. For everyone reading this, if you truly want to grow in your respected fields of interest, this is a habit you have to break! You cannot accomplish EVERYTHING by yourself, you need a team, an accountability buddy, a workout group, a mentor, someone to help guide you and hold you accountable in reaching your goals. People inside of local communities and other mentorship programs greatly out-succeed individuals that aren't. Who comes to mind when you think accountability?

So, there you have it. 5 personal development strategies to help you achieve your short term and long term goals. Write them down and begin using them immediately in your day to day life to better develop your lifestyles, careers, and wellbeing. As always, if you need help achieving your goals and are looking for an accountability group, Taz Fitness has you covered with our local FB community group, feel free to message us so we can help!

God Bless,


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