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How to Achieve Work-Life Balance

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The world around us is getting busier and busier. No matter what we do, we can't seem to slow things down, even for a moment. As working adults; we face cell phone bings, constant social media distractions, loud advertisements, overcrowded roads, work deadlines, and that's not even focusing on family errands and other life obligations.

How do we manage it all without going crazy?

Well, I'm sorry to admit this to you but if you don't go crazy at least, I'm going to wonder if you truly are human or not!

As a full time Marketer & Graphic Designer, I juggle that on top of running a Personal Training business as well as coaching youth basketball. All the while trying to be a present father & husband. Sometimes, there are early mornings and very late nights but the results make it all worth the hard work and sacrifice in the end. I'm definitely not an expert by any means, but here are a few valuable tips I've picked up along the way that has helped me greatly in becoming the best version of myself possible.

1. Communicate & Schedule EVERYTHING!

Communication is key in any marriage. Having a partner in crime truly helps when you're starting to feel overwhelmed by whats going on. So, communicate everything to them...literally, EVERYTHING that is going on in your schedule and what's in your brain. Let your spouse in, they aren't mind readers so how can they help if they don't know what's going on? They will probably be able to help you organize yourself!

Sitting down with your spouse (or with an accountability partner for you singles) and planning out your "to do lists" and weekly obligations is a great visual aid in keeping you on track if you get distracted by life's various loud noises. Some people do great with a Google Calendar on their phone, but I'm old fashioned and have always seen the greatest results in my life when I've carried around an hour by hour day calendar so I know exactly when I have to be at certain events or appointments. It also helps with reminding you of things you have to get done and to be honest, it is a huge rush of dopamine (brain chemical that controls pleasure) when you are able to check off an item that you had to complete.

2. Set Boundaries!

Nowadays with everyone having a cell phone, employers know this and will often use this as a tool to reach you at completely random times, even if you are not technically "on the clock." Now, this isn't meant to be negative towards employers. There are honestly a few times when I shoot a text message to a colleague in the evening just so I don't forget to mention a particular task the next day. Now, for those times when one of my bosses tries to engage me in a work based conversation, I will very politely tell him how I will discuss this with him the next day I'm available....or I won't respond at all. AND I WON'T APOLOGIZE FOR IT!

I'm extremely transparent when it comes to how I manage my work and my personal life. My family only gets to see me for a few hours every evening and on the weekends so my time with them is valuable. Work has me 40 hours a week, that is plenty of time to communicate with me so I always say respectfully, contact me on Monday! If you know that you personally are not strong enough NOT to answer the phone, turning off your devices and leaving the room helps. There has been times where my wife or I will leave our cell phones at home while we go out, shocking, I know! But guess what, we survive and our phones are right where we left them when we return.

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3. Date/Social Nights

I cannot stress this enough because it comes from experience, have a weekly social life! There would be times I would go months without any outside socialization because I was trying to "be a leader" and "grind my way to the top." Well, this was a fast pass ticket to burnout mode! Getting out and socializing helps recharge your batteries. It helps "distract" you from the craziness of life. Funny how we are using distractions as a good thing now, right? This will not only greatly develop your romantic relationship, but it will help develop your friendships as well as bring new energy to your work!

4. Be Prepared to Fail

Didn't see this one coming, did you? Don't freak out! The reality is, there will be seasons of your life that will be filled with trials. There will be moments you get so distracted by things you are trying to accomplish that you and your spouse won't go on a date night or socialize with friends. There will be hectic times when you will be glued to your phone until late in the evening. This is where going back to tip #1 helps with having that accountability partner. Don't beat yourself up, give yourself grace because these times will come and when they do, rearrange your schedule and FORCE yourself to take a break and recharge those batteries. True success in life is a marathon, not a sprint ;)

It is important to remember your values and what is truly important in life. Work will always be there, you can't escape it. But, true happiness comes from knowing your priorities. To be honest, life is extremely short so cherish every moment. When it is my time to go, I want to have flooding memories of my beautiful family and funny times I had with the closest ones in my life. I won't be remembering those silly deadlines! So stress less and force yourself to have more fun ;)

As always, if you guys ever need anything, don't hesitate to reach out and let me know how I can help! If you enjoyed reading this, please consider liking and sharing this with your friends.

God Bless,


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