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How To Start Your New Year Off Right!

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We are less than a week away from the new year and the chances of it sneaking right up behind you is highly likely unless you are present in your current circumstances. With the busy rush of the holiday season finally coming to a close, yet, the aftermath still keeping us a bit "unmotivated" with many wanting to stay in vacation mode. It would be really easy to totally forget about 2019 until it finally hits you about a week into the new year, once the kids return to school and adults return to work, THEN you might consider changing up a few things to make sure that 2019 is better than the last. Just so you don't get caught off guard, try these tips to help you dominate the new year and move the needle forward in 2019...

1. Conduct an Annual Review of Yourself

Here we go, transparency time. Just like at your job, but now, you're the boss looking at the other side of the desk. It might sting a little bit, but a little honesty might be just what you need to give yourself the jolt to move forward this year! Did you truly accomplish what you said you would before the new year, LAST YEAR?! If not, WHY not? Where did things go wrong and how can you make sure that it doesn't happen again? But, don't totally beat yourself up. Celebrate your accomplishments as well!

Look at the total landscape of your life in 2018. Look deep into the pros and cons of the biggest key areas of everyone's lives-finances, relationships, spirituality, physical health, and mental/emotional health. Make goals for each of these areas for 2019 and build a daily action step so each of these areas slowly grow throughout the year.

If you need help developing an action plan for the new year, don't hesitate to reach out to us for a free strategy call. Learn how to dominate the new year!

2. Determine What You REALLY Want

...BUT BE REALISTIC! (2b) Dreaming and goals are great, and there are many dreams that I have that I think would make me happy. The truth is, you can't do everything at once and the bigger truth is, unless that dream creates a burning passion inside of you, to the point that it creates tears, then it isn't a real goal but simply a pretty idea.

Get down and dirty into WHY it is what you want. Don't simply write down "make more money in 2019." WHY do you want more money? What will having more money accomplish for you? I like to call this, "peeling back the onion layers." Soon to be trademarked by Taz Fitness ;) Keep asking yourself the golden word of "why" until you realize what the real core reason is of that goal.

3. Go to Work

I see this way too frequently. People get so invested into their journals, goal keeping, personal development books and brand new positive mindsets, that they forget to actually TAKE ACTION! Part of writing down your goals should automatically come with bullet points listing off daily action steps you will take to move the needle forward towards growing in this area of your life.

Whatever nervousness you are feeling that slows you down from "hitting the pavement" is natural. When starting new action steps, for example, calling or DMing people about your new business can be frightening because you don't know how they will react to you. Some will be positive and very few will be down right negative but if you stay so busy taking action, I guarantee you won't even have the time to give two thoughts about that one rude person out of the dozens of people you speak to on a daily basis.

Call an accountability buddy and set up weekly calls to analyze and critique your progress. This should be with a mentor (and expert) inside the same field you are pursuing. Discuss what action steps you have taken and what progress you have seen from that particular item. If things aren't growing at the rate you imagined, consult with your mentor or professional in your field and either change the action or ask them what actions steps they did to get to where they are now.

The new year can be a very disappointing time as we reflect on our past new years resolutions and more often than not, remember how bad we were at keeping those resolutions. But, with every day we are blessed with experiencing (not just the new year) another opportunity to move our lives forward. With 2019, I hope all of you get closer to ultimately achieving your passions. As long as you're willing to hold yourself accountable, remember these steps and go to work, I'm positive that this will be an uplifting time for you all. As always, if you need help with coming up with an action plan for the new year, never hesitate to reach out to Taz Fitness.

God Bless,


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