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Stop Tracking Numbers

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Whether you are a small business owner, individual trying hit a wellness goal, manager at a corporate facility, or an individual balancing a budget, you are tracking numbers somewhere, right? Well, what if I told you that this could possibly be causing you to slowly sabotage progress in your life?

As a Personal Trainer managing a business while working a full time job in the Marketing field, knowing your numbers is incredibly important. So, how could it be slowly sabotaging you since you have to know what is going in vs. what is going out?

Sometimes, when we become so driven to achieve a particular goal, we lose focus on what is truly important. Often, giving less and less attention to things such as your employees, family and small successes achieved along the way that got overlooked by still being in pursuit of that magical golden egg. While giving our full attention to that larger than life goal, we rarely look up to see what is passing by us every single day.

-How happy are your employees?

-Are you losing out on precious memories with family?

-Maybe you didn't lose 2 lbs this week but are you overlooking the "x" amount of lbs you've lost since you started?

Here is my point....stop and look around every once in a while. While living in a society that thrives off of appearances and presenting our value based on material possessions, we quickly become distracted and tempted away from what really matters.

Without happy employees, your business will go through a consistent rotation of individuals due to them not feeling valued. This presents a very negative appearance for your brand while causing additional stress on top of management.

What about the individual that is trying to lose weight or hit a workout goal but misses their numbers for that week? Well, they frequently develop tunnel vision and this causes them to lose track of the bigger picture. They forget about the progress they have achieved in previous weeks or months, thus leading to self-sabotage. They develop the "poor me" mindset and decide to skip a workout or indulge in that 1 cheat meal out of pity for themselves. Eventually, causing a domino effect since they are performing negative actions while still expecting a great result in the future.

While being focused on crunching numbers and "working hard" to achieve your goal, you are possibly missing out of many happy memories with loved ones that you will never get back again. Passing away with a failed or even average level business, I can deal with. Passing away while leaving behind a feeling of neglect to my loved ones, I will never be able to rest in peace over.

Keeping a LIFE priority list (God, Family, Work, Etc.) with a focus on time management is key for true, long lasting success. When we focus on nothing but larger goals and tracking our numbers, we could miss the forest through the trees. Instead, focus on what is most valuable and a funny thing begins to happen, the numbers begin to take care of themselves.

God Bless,


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