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Learning to Flip Fear Around

Starting a brand new wellness journey can be very intimidating for most. From not understanding the correct calorie amounts each person should be taking in, to what fitness routine creates the greatest physical results. Each individual goes by their own respective fears when starting on a healthier lifestyle, and most of the time, it's not even nutrition or workout related. A lot of the time, from my experience, I've noticed individuals are fearful of starting on a wellness journey simply because the fear of failure is to great.

Whatever the case may be for that particular individual, before any wellness plan can be established, there must be a mindset change. Typically starting with a morning routine, there needs to be a plan that is put into place to keep individual's motivated, positive and confident of their journeys. Only if a team member or client is consistently positive and confident (even during hardships) to seek greater results, will there be a realistic ability to actually achieve the results they seek.

So, how do you fight back against fear and failure? The video that you see above is a video from Ben Bergeron of Crossfit New England, respected coach and mentor for many. He has a weekly podcast called, "Chasing Excellence," that I would highly recommend you add to your listening material throughout the week. It has helped me numerous times stay mentally on track when there are goals that I'm trying to accomplish. He also provides insight into the world of nutrition and fitness that I wouldn't have a problem putting my personal stamp of approval on. Watch the video and leave a comment below letting me know your thoughts and/or questions. Never hesitate to let me know how I can help you on your wellness journey.



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